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What Causes Fear in Motherhood

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In today’s post, I explore the neurological reasons we feel more fear in motherhood and what this means for our surfing. … In reality, it’s three, maybe four foot on…

Her Face Says It All... Surfing is the best, especially for moms!

How Surfing Got Amazing When I Became a Mom

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Surf Stoked Moms welcomes today’s author, Amy Schwartz.  Amy and her husband John have permanently relocated to Peru to start their dream business, Unleash Surf.  Unleash is a surf retreat…

Your Brain on Surfing

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Moms, Mums, Groms, Gurfers and Murfers today I’d like to introduce Octavia Drughi who is our guest and travel writer for BookSurfCamps.com. She is a passionate mountaineer, rock climber and adventure…

North Shore of Oahu Guide: Gone “Country”

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This is my ode to the “Country” – Oahu’s North Shore.  Big thank you to this marvelous land for sharing its aloha spirit. Hawaii’s aloha vibes attract countless visitors from…