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Finding My Tribe: A Surf Stoked Mom’s Story

By September 19, 2017 No Comments

UPDATE May 2018: Liz has landed and acclamated to living Aloha-style in Hawaii and has started her own Surfing Mums Group in Kailua.  If you live in Oahu and are looking for an awesome group of moms who love surfing, connect with Liz here!

The power of surfing to help people through tough times, create a sense of community and change lives is incredible.  Surfing, once it gets its talons into, is difficult to shake.  You’re a surfer, you’re a lifer.  And if you’re a surfing mom, once you find your tribe of like-minded murfers, you’ve attained nirvana. 

That’s why we’ve got to put the word out for my girl, Liz… 

Meet Elizabeth.  She’s an American living in Sydney (just like me) and this is her story.  Like so many of us Murfers, Elizabeth’s experience as a mother and a person has been immeasurably enhanced by surfing.  She found her ultimate tribe in the Avalon Surfing Mums and now she has to MOVE! I wanted Elizabeth to share her story for three reasons (1) to describe the powerful experience of finding her tribe, (3) to inspire moms and non-moms to share their passions with others and (3) as a call out to anyone who has any information or surf mom friends in Hawaii.  Aloha, island MURFERS? Without further ado, Liz, the Marine Biologist (coolest job ever BTW)…



The Tribe at Avalon

Finding My Tribe…

Happy mom, happy children. Happy wife, happy life. Yep, it’s all true.

It’s not for my sake that I surf…I do it for the sake the family. 🙂

But for real, I do take seriously the mantra #dontloseyourwild just because you become responsible for bringing little beings into the world. But who wants to do it alone? Everything is better with someone to share it with. And once children come along, someone to share the care with becomes a necessity if you want to get out and surf during the week.


Happy Moms mean Happy kids


And that’s where my tribe comes in. The Surfing Mums of Sydney’s Northern Beaches have been a game-changer for me as a mom. Thanks to these amazing moms (and a few dads!), I’m now able to surf any day of the week with some amazing souls AND have someone to look after my children while I do it! I mean, what could be better??

Since the Surfing Mums became part of my community, there’s been a whole new dimension added to my life.


I surfed before, but not as regularly, nor with such a committed and fun group of friends to cheer each other on.

I’d pretty much stopped surfing after our first child was born eight years ago. It was just too hard… But a combination of moving to an awesome little beach town (Avalon Beach) and finding the Surfing Mums in a nearby town turned that all around. The deal is this: we all meet up at the beach on a set weekday morning at 9:30, then we pair up as people arrive; one person surfs while the other minds the children on land, then we swap. I loved it so much that a few months later I started a group in my own area. The first day, I had no idea if anyone would even show up…I’d just told as many people as I came across what I was doing and to “please tell any moms who want to surf to come join me”! And lo and behold, they came. I think five people showed up that first day, and it’s grown and grown from there. Now there must be about 30 or so mums (Aussie for “mom”) and dads who are part of the group, with maybe 5-15 on any given day. It can be a bit of a zoo with all those children running around, but we have pretty strict safety rules so it’s always safe and such good fun. Not to mention…now I’ve got this whole amazing group of like-minded, dear friends (none of whom have lost their wild!!), and ditto for the munchkins. It’s just awesome. We’re even headed to Bali next month for a mums-only surf trip! Lucky me.


Mission Accomplished: Tribe Found!


But now it’s all about to change…

“If the bus stops at your house, you get on.”

The proverbial bus has just stopped at our house. My husband and I have been offered pretty much our dream jobs in Hawai’i. Come January 2018, we’ll pack up our life here and start afresh in Kailua, a small beach town on the windward side of Oahu. We’re both marine biologists, and finding two jobs in the same place – especially one like Hawai’i – is something that may only come by once in a lifetime.

It’s bittersweet, though. As excited as we are for the jobs, leaving the amazing life we have here is gut-wrenching. Our friends, our community, my husband’s family, and, not least of all, my Surfing Mums tribe…

So I’m hoping to find some equally amazing surfing moms in Hawaii – ideally, in or around Kailua on the windward side. Although Kailua’s not exactly known as the surfing hotspot of Oahu, I hear there’s a decent longboard wave at Castles…and I’m excited to explore other breaks around the island, too.

So if that’s you – or someone you know – give me a shout!!

My email is epmadin@gmail.com, Twitter is @ElizMadin, or my website is www.oceansphere.org.


Liz in Bali with the Surfing Mums







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