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Surf Getaways Byron Bay

By September 4, 2017 No Comments

By popular demand, Surf Stoked Moms is bringing you the scoop on the best all-girl and family friendly surf trips around the globe.  From sipping cocktails by the pool luxury or sleeping in a treehouse under the stars, we’re bringing you the best ways to get away!

surf-getaways-byron-bay-splashThis trip is all about having a blast in Byron Bay!

All over the world, Byron Bay is known as a magical surfing destination.  Not only is it incredibly beautiful, full of fun restaurants and bars but it boasts a great variety of surf spots for all levels.  Escape.com.au called Byron the most girl-friendly surf beach.  This trip looks really awesome for mothers and busy boss ladies who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.  Surf Getaways focuses on maximum water time coupled with maximum relaxation time and what a place Byron is to do it!!!

No one knows Byron Bay, like the ladies of Surf Getaways! Surf Getaways was created by two of Australia’s most accomplished and accredited female surf coaches.  Jenny Boggis and Serena Adams have over 35 years of coaching, 55 years of surfing and 60 years of intimate Byron Bay knowledge between them.  They have coached World Champions, elite touring professionals, aspiring grommets and thousands of beginner and intermediate surfers of all ages and abilities and they now call Byron home. (To read more about the coaches, click here for a nicely written story of their lives.)

surf_getaways_byron_bay_coachesThe Surf Getaways crew knows that most women are time poor.  Remember those awesome trips away with your besties? Ah! Then life got busy, right?

All-girl surf trips are the perfect way to log in some of that much needed water time and re-connect with the important women in your life and make new friends along the way.

Surf Getaways has just started up all-girls surf trips in their hometown, Byron Bay.

Whether it’s to enjoy precious hang time with life-long friends, go on a mother-daughter trip, or make new female friends for life, it’s important that women spend time away together and escape our daily routines from time to time.

Going on all-girl surf trip gives you the chance to do all of the above in a relaxed environment, both in and out of the water.

“Why go on an all-girls surf trip to Byron Bay?” Asked no one ever – but if you do wonder why you should – here are our reasons:

  1. A safe and supportive environment: Whether you’re learning to surf or improving your surfing skills, being in an all women group, including the surf coaches, creates a safe and supportive environment for everyone.  Just imagine an all-girls surf line-up, where your friends are encouraging and cheering you onto waves, rather than psyching you out and dropping in on you.
  2. All-Female Coaching Staff: The female surf coaches experienced with coaching women of all ages and levels (from beginners to World Champions) understand how to support you beyond the technical and physical aspects of surfing. They also know what mental and confidence barriers might restrict you from improving.
  3. Waves for All Levels:  This isn’t a competition – improve at your own pace.  And you don’t have to be a pro surfer either – maybe you’ve never surfed before at all. Going on an all-girl surf trip means everyone can learn and have some fun together. It’s the perfect place to learn to surf and improve at your own pace.
  4. Upskill Your Water Ability:  Skills our coaches work on to improve your surfing ability are:
    1. Gain ocean skills and awareness
    2. Technical assessment of your surfing and areas to focus on
    3. Video footage review sessions
    4. Wave selection skills
    5. Wave usage skills
    6. Take-off and positioning skills
    7. Types of surfing manoeuvres
  5. Byron Bay is Awesome! Cheer up, slow down, chill out.

Byron Bay, known as one of the world’s best surfing regions, it is as much a learners delight as it is an experienced surfers dream.

With a diversity of surfing breaks and beautiful locations to choose from there is something suitable for absolutely all levels and conditions. Your local coaching hosts will find the best conditions available every day to match your level of surfing!

And if there’s a lay day in your surf schedule, you can keep busy with other adventurous activities around such as the Cape Byron walking track for a rainforest walk up to the lighthouse, go for a drive to visit one of the beautiful waterfalls around here – such as Minyon or Killen Falls, or to find more secluded beaches (we’ll tell you all about them when you get here).

Example of a day at the Ladies Surf Getaway in Byron Bay:

  1. Wake up in your beautiful 5 star room at the Byron at Byron resort and Spa located in the rainforest walking distance from Tallows Beach
  2. start the day with a private Ladies Surf Getaway group yoga class suitable for all levels to get your body ready for a great surf session
  3. enjoy an indulgent restaurant buffet breakfast experience our deluxe ladies surf coaching session led by Jenny and Serena at a beach that suits your surfing ability and the day’s conditions
  4. return to the resort for a fun and relaxed video footage review and analysis coaching and gain invaluable technical tips from your coaches
  5. lunch at the Byron at Byron restaurant
  6. Guided Cape Byron Headland and Lighthouse Walking Tour
  7. Lounge with a cocktail by the infinity pool, enjoy a sauna, game of tennis or just rela
  8. Pampering Day Spa Massage
  9. Dinner at the Byron at Byron Resort Restaurant

surfgetaways_byron_bayDid someone say massage and cocktails?

Yes they did. After a session of surfing in the sun there’ll be plenty of time to relax and stretch out with some yoga and soothing massages on your getaway.

All before you reflect on your day together lazing by the pool with some well earned sundowners.

Now that’s my kind of beach break with the girls.

For more information: Check out Surf Getaways Byron Bay and Fiji, offering surf coaching holidays for women of all ages and all surfing abilities. Regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner or an accomplished shredder, Surf Getaways will support you for your level of skill and confidence or Contact Surf Getaways to arrange a Custom Getaway for your own group of friends for when it suits you.

Information provided by Surf Getaways Byron Bay!

Be sure to check them out here and get more information about their upcoming trip!

Short stay: Sunday 22nd Oct – Wednesday 25th Oct 2017

Long stay: Sunday 22nd Oct – Friday 27th Oct 2017




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