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Activated Sunflower Seed Bread

By August 22, 2017 No Comments

This is a ridiculously simple paleo, high-fat-low-carb bread that is just an amazing vehicle for avocado and any other toppings you’d normally eat on bread.  You know I love avocado toast, particularly ones that don’t cost $19, so maybe we’ll have a shot at homeownership someday (if you haven’t heard about the millionaire who told people to stop buying avocado toast in order to save up for a house deposit, you must read this), so finally coming up with a delicious all-seed bread to go with my avocados was a win!

Also, I use organic sunflower seeds which I activate before making the bread.  Activating nuts and seeds makes them much easier to digest and makes the vitamins in them easier to absorb.  To learn more about the benefits of activating nuts and seeds, click here. 


My favorite toppings include, ahem, avocado, tomato, pickled onions, and sprouts but you could put pretty much anything on top of this bread.  Slice it like a normal loaf for bite-sized snacks or cut it lengthwise and into actually bread-sized pieces for lunch.


2 Cups Activated Sunflower Seeds

4 Tablespoons Olive Oil

1 Teaspoon Sea Salt

2 Eggs, separated and beaten lightly in separate bowls


Preheat oven to 150c or or 300f. Activate your seeds by placing them in water for 7-12 hours with 2 teaspoons salt.  Drain and place in food processor.  Pulse until seeds resemble a course meal.  Add olive oil, separated and beaten eggs, and salt and stir until mixed.  Place mixture in bread loaf lined with baking paper.  Use back of spoon to press down and even out top of mixture.  Bake for 50 minutes at 150 (300).

Let cool completely.  Top with your favorite toppings and enjoy in lengthwise or crosswise slices.

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