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10 Women, 10 Days in the Maldives

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Have you ever dreamed of doing a surf trip in the Maldives?  I mean, haven’t we all?  Today, we’ve got a guest post by Silvia San Laureano, an expert on Female Surf trips in the Maldives.  Silvia teaches yoga, her partner is a surf coach and they take a professional photographer along on boat trips that are designed for girls.   These boat trips are organized for women, by women and look like an absolute blast.  When she asked Surf Stoked Moms if she could tell our readers about her trips, I was all ears! I’ve pretty much booked my trips already for 2017, but hoping to make it to the Maldives in 2018!

So, without further ado, I give you Silvia of Elite Surf Coaching…

Surf Life Empowerment Trip with Elite Surf Coaching in the Maldives

Words by Silvia San Laureano @menina_do_mar

Photos by Juan Fernandez @juanfedezphoto

Trip by Elite Surf Coaching @elitesurfcoaching

maldives_women_surfWe all share a passion for the ocean, eagerness to improve our surf skills and have the experience of a lifetime.  We are the women of Elite Surf Coaching – Maldives.  We are solo travelers, mums, daughters, nans, full time professionals, students, pensioners, young mums, mums whose kids have left the nest.  Often, we are women that have passed a difficult moment in their lives and need some fresh air and support or women whose partners don’t share their passion for surf or traveling.  Most of all we are women that just want to have a great time and improve their surf whilst meeting other like minded females. Our 10 day boat trips welcome a huge variety of women, from many different countries and cultures, ranging from 20 up to 65 years to sail along Maldivian waters and boost their surf and confidence in world class waves.

On these trips, there is a constant Latin-spiced vibe.  We bring the flavor as the Spanish duo: myself and especially my charismatic partner, Iván Villalba, the coach that encourages these women to improve their surfing skills, overcome mental barriers, gain confidence and be the queens of the peak.  Iván has an extensive curriculum, with over 30 years surfing, 25 competing and 20 years coaching people of all ages and levels, from beginners up to high-performance surfers. He has coached Australian athletes in the WQS, such as Philippa Anderson, Codie Klein and Liam Mortensen.

And there’s me, Silvia. I’m the other half of the duo, originally from Spain but I have lived for the last six years between Spain and Australia, for the last three years in beautiful Warrnambool, SW Victoria. Currently, I am living in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. My job is to organize all the ins and outs of the trips – I have chats on Skype with the women interested in a trip to make sure it is what they are after. I also am your yoga and meditation coach under the Maldivian stars.

The Maldives offers a surf playground for intermediate to advanced surfers. A range of different waves, mainly right-handers, that are mellow, friendly and long. I would say the level of the waves of the Maldives lies between Sri Lanka and Indonesia. When the swell gets bigger, there are other protected areas with waves that normally don’t break. In saying that, it is not usual to see huge swells in the Maldives. It is a paradise if you are looking for a place to boost your surfing, as the waves are long, usually a smooth take off and long waves, allowing you to learn to gain speed, practice technique, style, power and do maneuvers.

Being on a boat makes things easier: a bigger range of surf spots can be accessed, breaks can be checked as we are anchored in the channel and also no mosquitoes on board (woohoo)! I am sure you’ll find that sweet light rocking at night after a long day surfing is priceless.

The surf coaching program consists of video analysis (morning session is filmed and then analyzed), guided surf sessions where Ivan is catching the wave behind you, so as to read out load the wave for you, mental surfing, theory, and presentations.  The day-to-day schedule changes, depending on the conditions and how the guests are feeling. The usual is a 5am wake-up call, a light snack, and off to be the first ones on the peak, while Ivan is filming this first session of the day. There are two more surf sessions along the day (weather dependent), finishing the day with a relaxing yoga practice and meditation.  Other activities are available such as snorkeling, playing around like mermaids, visiting islands, and fishing.

There is a professional photographer capturing all the magic moments, both inside and outside of the water. So you’ll have mementos of your trip of a lifetime.

The experience of having all women on board is very special.  Although you may arrive as strangers, as the days go by, a strong relationship is created collectively between the group and it is not uncommon to build bonds the last way beyond the trip. When it’s all women, everyone feels comfortable opening up, which creates a big family environment. There is a lot of support surrounding the group, constant cheering, and motivation in the water. It makes you charge bigger waves than you would normally have the guts to go on…  You start to believe and trust yourself and know you are powerful, ready to change and jump gracefully past your comfort zone, both in the surf and in your everyday lives.

A transformation takes place during every trip because of the positive empowerment and support of like-minded women on a mission. At the start, you may be uncertain – unsure if your level of surfing is good enough for the trip and not sure if you will get along with the others.  Altogether a lot of mixed up emotions and excitement.

And then… You jump into the 29°C crystal clear water as a manta ray cruises by.  Next, a turtle pops her head out and all your worries disappear.  Just like that, all the stress in the world evaporates. Adrenalin hits and all you have to do is go for the waves and have a great time.

Surfing the Maldives on an all-female boat is an unforgettable, life changing experience.  You will boost your surfing abilities, make lifelong friendships and feel lots of love along the way.

maldives_surf_tripFuture trips:

July 13-23, 2017 – all women´s (2 spots available)

August 13-23, 2017 – open to families, couples, friends, solo travelers (3 spots available)

September 2017

For more information on Elite Surf Coaching, visit www.elitesurfcoaching.com or email info@elitesurfcoaching.com

Video:  https://vimeo.com/220789909

Photos: Juan Fernandez 


Silvia and her team have two spots left on their upcoming July 13 to 23rd trip! Grab a spot on a trip of a lifetime today!!!


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