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Morning Rituals – By a Mama, For Mamas

By June 14, 2017 No Comments

A Mama’s Morning Ritual

What is the most important thing you can do to start your day as a Mother?


Green juice?

Clean clothes on all the kiddos?

Is there anything you can do to grab a moment of zen before the chaos begins?

A Mama’s life is not necessarily guided by her own best intentions.  You’ve got babies, kids, schools, dogs, spouses, work and if you’re like me, you jump from putting out one fire to the next.  Even if you can’t squeeze in everything you’d like to do before the business end of the day begins, you can take a few steps to set the course of your day on a positive track.  If you can knock out at least one thing that positively affects your mindset for the rest of the day, you’re winning the race.


Morning Rituals are used by CEOs, Top Performers, Wellness Gurus AND Mamas

Blog posts on morning rituals are a dime a dozen these days.  Go online and you’ll can read about how famous and not-so-famous people extol the benefits of starting your day by writing in gratitude journals, stretching to music, abstaining from technology, yoga, praying, walking, running, affirmations, visualizations, eating or not eating, talking or not talking and lots of tea.

Most morning ritual posts paint such a serene picture of the person’s morning: waking up in clean 1000 count sheets and making the bed (such luxury, I know), meditating peacefully for 10 full minutes, doing a full set of exercises and then making themselves a healthy, uninterrupted acai bowl (all organic of course).

Then there’s a true-blue working mother. Hold the wheat grass and the yin yoga – I have a child.

What I Would Love to Do IF I Didn’t Have a Kid

I’d probably wake up at around 6:30 am, stretch, and go surfing every day.  No waves? I’d go on a long swim or do a High-Intensity Interval workout at my favorite gym down the road.  Next, I’d make my Bulletproof Coffee and start my day at my pace.  


What This Mama Actually Does

Welp, I screwed the fantasy right up a couple of years ago by getting pregnant.  Flash forward a couple of years and that little bundle of joy is a tutu-wearing, 3-course-breakfast-eating, self-proclaimed “Queen.”  She wakes up when she pleases (anytime from 6-9 a.m. depending on the day), immediately asks to watch “T.B.” and then starts the “I’m hungry” refrain.  

Under these conditions, a relaxing, well-intentioned morning ritual must be impossible, right?  

No. Not, if you get down to what’s really important.  


“Can I help you make coffee?”

Why Every Mama Should Integrate Quality Time Into Their Morning Ritual

If you take one thing away from this post, let be this: the most important thing I do every morning is to connect with my daughter.  I usually wait until she is up or just waking up and give her lots of cuddles and ask her how she slept.  She loves helping me make Bulletproof and her breakfast so she sits on the counter and we talk.  I make sure she knows she is my everything every day before I launch into all the duties and obligations of the day. “How did you sleep?” before “eat your breakfast.” “I love you” before “pleasseeee don’t take your shoes and socks off for the 5th time!”


My Morning Ritual

  1. Wake-up with natural light – I hate dark, stuff rooms and am lucky to live on the second level with lots of privacy trees so we leave our curtains wide open so I can wake up with natural light.  I never need an alarm clock and usually wake up around 6-6:30 am.  
  2. Plug your phone into charge or play music – Usually Bob Marley Radio on Pandora.  Putting music on when I get up keeps my phone out of my hands and plugged into the stereo to avoid immediately starting my day with Instagram envy or a lengthy to-do list.  
  3. Start drinking water and repeat until you go to bed – Sooooooo many people are dehydrated all the time and the effects make you feel so shitty.  Start your habitual water drinking early and continue all day long!
  4. Pending no child yet, enjoy Mama’s Me Time – These moments are the perks of getting up before your children.  I get up, throw-on my comfy clothes and head to the lounge room.  I try use the Apnea Diver App every day to achieve two things (1) improve my resting breath hold for surfing and (2) meditation.  There’s nothing to do but relax when you are holding your breath.  These exercises usually take 6-12 minutes.  Next, I’ll do some stretching with my foam roller and spiky ball to get out the kinks from yesterday’s surf or workout.  The key is to focus on your breathing and try not to think too much. I also try to practice gratitude during this time.  I know a lot to fit in but I don’t freak if I get halfway through and hear, “I’mmm hunggrrrryy.” There’s always tomorrow.
  5. Connect before you expect – As soon as I hear my daughter stirring in her room or if she surprises me while I am stretching or breathing, I STOP what I am doing and devote my full attention to her.  I give lots of cuddles, ask her how she feels and what she wants for breakfast.  I make a point of starting the day with love.  My focus is on her for the first 20-30 minutes of her day so that I know she felt loved when I have a million things to do later on that day.
  6. Teach your kids to make their own breakfast (and Bulletproof) – My daughter loves being in the kitchen and helping me cook so once she is fully awake, she sits on the counter helps me make her breakfast and my Bulletproof Coffee.  It doesn’t matter that she is years away from wielding a knife or using a toaster.  Making breakfast together gives us more time to bond and takes away the feeling that preparing her first meal is a chore for me.  We have fun. She really loves all the steps of making Bulletproof and helps put a spoonful of Brain Octane and Collagen Protein, a shake of cinnamon and a squirt of liquid stevia in the blender.  Then, I make her toast and fruit and she watches cartoons while I get dressed for work.


“And if you win the morning, you win the day.” –

Tim Ferriss (author of, The 4 Hour Work Week, who has interviewed hundreds of  highly successful people – from Tony Robbins to Vince Vaughn – about their morning rituals.)

This is especially TRUE for MAMAS.  How you interact with your kids and how smoothly your morning goes directly affects how you and your children feel throughout the day.  With our hectic lifestyles, Mamas need to develop a morning routine that is full of love for ourselves and our children in order to survive and thrive throughout the day.  I suggest you take sometime to think about how you can win the morning.  Dream your fantasy morning routine and then figure out a way to integrate your motherly duties.

Don’t get distressed if every morning is different and you only do a couple things you wanted to do.  Simply wake up the next day, stay positive, love and reset.

What’s your morning ritual?













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