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How to Be a Bad-Ass Adventure Mom

By May 11, 2017 No Comments

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we want to talk about what it means to be a Bad-Ass Adventure Mom.  My family gets around but I have hardly written the book on Moms who push the boundaries of conventional family roles and activities.

Besides these tips, I’ve included 6 of my favorite Bad-Ass Adventure Moms & their accounts from Instagram. Check these ladies out, be inspired and get yo butt outdoors!

Want to see what it looks like to be a Bad-Ass Mama-Jama, check out the Adventure Mama Initiative’s Video and donate to their campaign while you’re at it!


1. Bad-Ass Adventure Moms Don’t Take No for An Answer:  


When I was pregnant a lot of people told me that I wouldn’t be able to do the things I loved anymore.  “You’ll have to stop surfing soon,” “there won’t be a lot traveling after the baby,” they said.  My boss at the time caught me looking at bikinis on the Internet at work when I was pregnant and said, “you won’t be wearing one of those for a long time…”  

I surfed up until I was 7 months pregnant, traveled to Indonesia when my daughter was 4 months old and I wore a bikini three days after I gave birth.  Don’t let the naysayers get in your head.  Don’t let anyone tell you how it is going to be because only YOU can decide whether you’re going to be a bad-ass mama.  NO is a four letter word.



2. Bad-Ass Adventure Moms Learn to Live Life in the Slow Lane:


I struggle to keep myself in line with the advice every day.  When you have a little one in tow, everything takes longer.  You can impatiently tap your foot and work yourself into a fit of anxiety or you can accept life in the slow lane and learn to enjoy it.

If you think things are bad with a baby, just wait until to have a toddler.  The good thing about slowing down is that you will have more time to appreciate things, understand the journey and the process of getting somewhere or doing something rather than focusing on the end goal.  Many seasoned vagabonds will tell you to forget that hit list of must-sees on a trip, and as a mama you must forget the hit list of life and just watch things unfold as your child learns about the world.

3. Bad-Ass Adventure Moms Go Now:


“We’re waiting until little Johnny is 1 to take that long haul flight.”  Bad idea. Go now.  If you have a desire to do something adventurous and plan in your head, put it in action.

Go. Book the ticket and take the baby.  I’ve jumped up and down on my soapbox, shouting about how young babies less than 1.5 years make excellent travel companions since I started mom-blogging, but if you’re a mom you already know this.  (One reason: you carry their food around on your body!) The same goes for traveling or adventuring with children of any other age.  As long as what you’re doing is safe, I wouldn’t wait around for some self-invented condition to be filled to do what you want.

If you don’t do it NOW, you may never do it.


4. Bad-Ass Adventure Moms Find Friends that Share Your Passion for Adventure

One thing that makes being a bad-ass mom much easier is finding a great support group of moms who are committed to living life to its fullest.

You may not know it, but moms that think like you and love the same stuff are out there. For example, after I had my daughter I joined the Surfing Mums. Each week, Surfing Mums groups meet all over Australia to watch each others’ kids and go for a surf!  All of the sudden I knew a band of fellow moms who were out surfing in the line-up every day.

On the hiking/camping front, groups are popping up all over the world!  I am especially jealous that the Adventure Mama Initiative is only in the United States… so far.  AMI’s motto is “redefining motherhood” which shines through their commitment to improving mothers’ postpartum health through the outdoors and adventure.

The point is that real Bad-Ass Adventure Mamas find their tribe.  Joining a community of mothers who are going through the same trials and tribulations and share a passion for the outdoors creates lasting bonds that will help you survive even the worst temper tantrum.


5. Bad-Ass Adventure Moms Don’t Lose Their Wild

I use the hashtag #dontloseyourwild on all my Surf Stoked Moms content on Instagram because I believe the best moms are those who don’t lose themselves completely in motherhood but retain their character and passions in life.  We are not just here to dispense food, give rides and clean up messes.  We are here to teach our children and foster a love of living that will create interesting, motivated, and caring adults.  So whether you love surfing, hiking, camping, climbing or any other way to get in touch with nature,I beg you don’t lose your wild when you become a mother.  Get out there, explore and live the dream, you Bad-Ass!

Adventure Inspo

These are some of our favorite Bad-Ass Moms…  Follow their Instagram accounts for daily Adventure Mom inspiration!

Audrey Sutherland – The OG Bad Ass


@_oceangypsy – The Aquatic Bad-Ass


@saltsugarsea – The Van Life Bad Ass


@alaskanomad – The Bad Ass Surfing Mom


@bushwalkingbubs – The Bush Whacker Bad Ass


@the_bodhi_tree – The Hike Any Trail Bad Ass


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