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Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

By May 8, 2017EAT

Bulletproof Coffee is the LAST breakfast recipe you’ll ever need.  Of course, sometimes I treat myself one day on the weekend or on vacation with friends but for the most part, I make this EVERYDAY.  I actually don’t miss breakfast or breakfast foods.  If I do I can always have my eggs and bacon for dinner.

Not only will you rarely make any other breakfast, but you won’t need any little snacks before lunch time at around 1 or 2 PM and if you eat a high-fat, vegetable packed lunch, you won’t have cravings after lunch either.

I must disclose that almost all these ingredients must be bought over the Internet (Amazon in the U.S. has them all or optimoz.com.au for & iherb.com.au in Australia) so there is about a $50-75 dollar barrier but trust me, the way you will feel will make is worth every cent.

Try Bulletproof Coffee (or tea) if you want to:

  • Feel great, more productive and more focused (no more brain fog),
  • Have more energy and fewer energy slums,
  • Stop experiencing food cravings for sweet things,
  • Give you digestive system a chance to rest in between meals,
  • Supercharge your brain power,
  • Balance your moods,
  • Lose weight.

I don’t want to sound like a 2 am infomercial but this stuff really works.

Asprey developed Bulletproof Coffee after seeing Tibetan monks drink a yak butter tea in the morning before meditation while hiking in the Himalayas.  The tea is unofficially Tibet’s national drink with some people drinking as many as 60 cups per day.  Asprey went home, hacked the hell out of conventional (moldy) coffee, added a carefully formulated super coconut oil concentrate and developed the recipe below.  The rest is the happier, smarter, faster hsitory of Bulletproof Coffee’s drinkers.

Bulletproof Coffee Surf Stoked Moms Style

(with Vital Proteins Collagen Protein & Cinnamon)

Adapted from Dave Asprey’s book, Head Strong.

Bulletproof_coffee_ingredients1 Cup Bulletproof Brand or other organic, single source (non-moldy) Coffee

1 Tablespoon unsalted grass-fed butter

1 Tablespoon Brain Octane Oil

1 Tablespoon Vital Proteins Collagen Protein

1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon

Optional: Stevia or xylitol if you like it sweet.

**Can’t handle coffee or looking for a change from the usual?  Try tea! I love using black tea or yerba mate tea.  Just brew as you would a normal cup of tea and use in place of coffee below or check out this video on how to brew yerba mate in a french press.


Start by brewing the coffee.  I use a fresh press but any method of achieving a normal cup coffee (a long black for Australians) is acceptable.

Pour the coffee into a heat-safe blender.  Add the butter, Brain Octane, collagen protein, cinnamon, and sweetener.  Blend for 15-20 seconds or until a small amount of foam forms at the top! Do not blend too long or it you will have a cup of foam.

Drink! I’ll admit, the first time you try Bulletproof Coffe you may not love the taste but you will love the way you feel.  After a week or so you will crave the flavor and be hooked for life.

Bulletproof Coffee is the one thing that I do every day that sets the tone for how I feel and what I eat for the rest of the day.  I love the taste of frothy, buttery coffee (or tea, I used to use yerba mate every single day) and everyone who uses this recipe sees a difference in how their mind and body functions on a day to day basis.





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