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Best Sunscreen for Moms, Kids and Babies

By February 21, 2017 One Comment
little urchin best sunscreen australia
Before having a baby, I really didn’t pay that much attention to what kind of sunscreen I was using.  My mother loved the spray stuff from the drug store so I’d use that, whatever face stick was lying around and off I’d go to surf all day under the hot sun.  Now that I am a mother and that I live in Australia where the sun feels so powerful, I am a sunscreen connoisseur.  After all, your skin is your largest organ so if you are going to put effort and money into living a healthy lifestyle you must take care of your skin.  I bought all kinds of organic and natural sunscreens in both Australia and the U.S.  Some of the brands that are praised for being natural and great for babies were so horrible.  There’s nothing like basting a sweaty, squirmy baby with thick-as-glue sunscreen “paste” only to have them roll in the sand and become a powder donut or crumbed cutlet depending on what country you’re in.  I remember Baby Valle getting so encrusted by this natural sunscreen that we literally had a scrub her skin with a wash cloth to get it off.  Poor chica!
Based on all my testing these are my three favorite products – the all around best : (1) Little Urchin [For Australians]; (2) ThinkBaby SPF +50 Sunscreen [For Americans] and the (2) Shiseido UV Protection Stick [For Everyone].
best sunscreens for babies

My baby stays shaded and lubed up with these amazing sunscreens!

(1) Little Urchin Natural Sunscreen

Australia’s Finest

We just love Little Urchin’s Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen because it is good for your skin and the environment.  This sunscreen is chemical free, preservative and is made with organic green tea cucumber and rosehip in addition to Zinc Oxide.  However, unlike most zinc based sunscreens, it goes on sheer and does not make you or your baby a sticky-mess.  It is suitable for everyone from babies over 6 months to grandmas.  Besides being a fabulous sun protection product, Little Urchin is committed to being 100% Reef Safe which is a big deal because of how harmful the active ingredient found in most sunscreens is to our oceans.  One drop of Oxybenzone, an ingredient found in many traditional sunscreens can permanently damage coral reefs.  Little Urchin has become a staple in my beach bag because it wears great, has no nasty chemicals and protects our faces and bodies from the sun but it’s also nice to know it won’t harm the reefs that create the waves we love to surf!

(2) ThinkBaby & ThinkSport –

Best in the U.S.A.
ThinkBaby is an amazing organic, natural product that I have found rubs on completely clear.  It smells so good that every time I apply I feel like I am on vacation.  Thibest sunscreen for kids u.s.a.nkbaby as a company is committed to making a chemical free, long lasting sunscreen.  It’s free of biologically harmful chemicals. No Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Paraben, phthalates, PABA, 1,4 dioxane or UV Chemical absorbers.  This is the best baby specific sunscreen I have found anywhere!

(3) Shiseido UV Protection Stick –

Best Stick
I have been using this for years and always pick one up from Duty Free as I leave the country.  Many of the surf-sunscreen companies make sticks that offer great sun protection but are heavy, hard to get off and clog your pores.  The Shiseido stick is so sheer and light that it feels great when you put it on.  It’s also extremely water resistant so it won’t come off while your shredding the gnar in tropical locales.  This product is a make-up grade sunscreen built for everyday use by Shiseido, a luxury Japanese make-up company.  Although the white stick does make you look a little ghostly, I don’t mind because I know my skin is protected.
As a beach rat who often skips winter to fly to the other side of the globe, I rely on these products just as much as I do my trusty umbrella, rashies and hats.  The great thing is that all you need us two sunscreen products in your bag and you’re good to go. Being skin smart is essential as a surfer but even more important as a mom!
Best Sunscreen Stick

Best Sunscreen Stick

*Please note, I am NOT being paid for this post! I just actually use and love these products and thought you guys could get the low down and avoid the sunscreen paste!



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