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Organic Surf Wax – It’s the Bees Knees!

By February 15, 2017 No Comments
bees knees organic surf wax
Summer has arrived in Australia so I finally put away my full suits and went surfing in my beloved spring suit and even a bikini last weekend while camping up the coast at Treachery Beach.  The thing is whenever I emerge from my winter wet suit and put skin to board, I always get rashes especially on my thighs, knees and ribs.  My knees got so scuffed up in the past the pain would be agonizing every time I stood up and my legs brushed the board.  I never realized that this irritation was not caused exclusively by friction between my legs and board but also by the harsh chemicals used in industrialized surf wax.  Turns out many surf waxes are made with crude oil byproducts and chemical adhesive, chemicals and colors.  All this toxic stuff is not only harmful to our legs and chests but also the ocean.
Natural and/or organic surf wax sounds likes a great alternative to chemical wax for someone like me who is obsessed with using only the highest quality ingredients for myself and family.  If you’re using natural lotion, beautify products and eating organic foods, why would you rub chemicals all over your skin while surfing?  The problem is when we used a couple of natural waxes in the past, (my partner’s sister once sent us an entire case from Byron Bay, which we could not give away) they weren’t great.  One even got super stuck in Luke’s chest hair!!!
A month or so ago I was trolling Instagram while waiting for Baby V to go to sleep as many mothers do and I came across a gorgeous profile with a lot of beautiful surfing photos.  Upon further inquiry I found out it was the profile of a 100% natural surf wax company called Bees Knees Surf Wax from the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales.  I got in contact with its owner, order a few bars and the rest of history.  I think I’ve found my wax company!
We made a little video of my first surf back in a bikini this summer where I used Bees Knees for the first time!!!   The wax worked great as you can see and somehow I surfed for an hour in those small conditions.  Afterward, my skin was smooth. No rashes!  Bees Knees Surf Wax is now one of my “bare necessities.”  Fitting! PSS: This is my first ever video edit!


  • Make sure you completely remove old wax before using Bees Kness
  • Don’t mix toxic wax with Bees Knees, once you go organic, you won’t go back!


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