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My Favorite Kid Friendly Healthy Travel Snacks

By November 30, 2016 No Comments
Kid friendly, healthy travel snacks
If you are a mom, you’ll easily understand this rule: “never leave the house without snacks!”  But you don’t have to be a parent to a crazed 2 year old terrorist to understand the importance of coming prepared, especially when you are traveling.  We all know someone who turns into a Tasmanian devil anytime he or she gets “hangry.”  Give them a snack or run for cover!  A little planning goes along way when on the road with a hungry lunatic.  Since we’re going up to Yamba for the weekend, I thought I’d show you some of my favorite kid friendly healthy snacks to bring on trips with my toddler.
1. Blue Dinosaur Bars: These are the most amazing bars! They are paleo, made entirely from natural, real ingredients that you’ve heard of and taste great.  Valentina calls them “cookies.”  My favorites are the Brazilian and Lamington flavor.
2. Blueberries: Valle eats blueberries by the pint (or punnet) when they are in season and a few less when they are $8 a pack.  Blueberries are ok to travel with but you have been careful your little one doesn’t fling them across the car or plane.  A little container for a rationed amount can work well here.
3. Apples or mandarins: Fresh fruit with hearty outsides are a no brainer!  We love to pick  some up from local markets or road side stands.
4. Mixed nuts (activated if I can find them): Almonds, cashews or the family fav, macadamia nuts are always on hand. When were traveling up north, I am always on the look out for stands selling macadamia nuts or other fruit and treats.
5. Bulletproof Mini-Kit: I haven’t tried the Bulletproof InstaMix because they are sooo expensive in Australia so I generally take along my Brain Octane, collagen peptides and some butter with my coffee thermos that has a lid.  I put my ingredients in with a long black and shake for a close-to-instant road Bulletproof.  I gotta have it or I’ll be slummed over in a brain fog munching croissants by 10 am.
6. Coconut Water: Because when mama has her wine, baby needs something too.  Some mothers may frown at the fact that my daughter asks for a beer or wine when her parents are having one.  Since I probably wouldn’t get along with such a parent, I won’t worry about offending here.  We always have coconut water or green juice on hand for happy hour and bring it with us to restaurants or pubs so we don’t have to resort to letting her get all jacked up on Mountain Dew or lemonade.
7. Flats and Hummus: I love flats which are basically dehydrated vegetables pressed into crackers and we all love hummus.  Valle likes to eat it by the fist full and its a great source of protein.
Have snacks, will travel! What are your go-tos for kid friendly healthy travel snacks?


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