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A Letter to Valentina on Her 2nd Birthday

By November 11, 2016 No Comments
To my dearest Valentina on your second birthday,

This is just so crazy! You’re going to be two tomorrow even though I can remember the day you came into this world like it was yesterday.  Since that cloudy morning on that lucky day (11/11) everything has changed.  My whole world is driven by a purpose and that purpose is loving you.  I wake up every day in love with you (even when you’re crying and asking for “baba mailk” or “chocolat”) and go to sleep every night with your love (while I draw Bobo, Pongo, a sheep and Tilly’s entire family on your back).  You are all we talk about.  You make your dad and I laugh, stay up all night and still get up the next day and make you toast with butter (Vegemite) and cheese (butter).

You have so many friends – real and imagined – that love you and look for your admiration.  There’s Piggy, a gift from Great-Grandma Nanny, who is your absolute favorite, followed by Dia (a dog on wheels borrowed from Etch and Monica, Louie’s parents), Rocky (the pink racoon), Wolf or Lobo and a bound 6 scary looking baby dolls that you try to take EVERYWHERE we go.  But there’s also all your friends in the flesh and fur like Cali (our rent-a-dog), Johnny, Poochie, Zoe, Cat, the Lucys, Shannon, Henry, and Casey.    You love your friends at school and watching videos of your friends at home like Fisher, Tammy, Taylor and Sharky.  You’ve touched more people’s lives than I can list here, each one benefited, their life improved by your very existence.  And we haven’t even talked about Gigi, she loves you so much it’s scary.

At the end of the day because we have to go on the big airplane for so long (you have been so well behaved on most planes, I am proud of my little traveler) to get to a lot of your family, you spend a LOT of time with Mama and Dada.  You love to help Mama in the kitchen and ask every day to sit on the bench where you eat ‘cados by the slice, many many pickles, melon, even lettuce.  You eat amazingly except when you know what you want and that’s “CHOCOLAT.”

There are times I am frustrated because you took off your shoes for the third time after I put them on or when you won’t brush your teeth/hair or you wack me in the face when I’m not paying attention.  Sure.  But there is not one day that I think any other than how you have changed me for the better and brought an overwhelming love (the biggest I’ve known) into my life.

I just love taking you places, showing you things, feeding you weird food and taking you swimming and trying to get you to jump off stuff. I think that for the rest of my life those will be my favorite things, my favorite memories. Like when we ate noodles at the ultra-trendy Momofuku in New York City together and you got all the waiters to pick up the chopsticks and spoons you threw on the floor while slurping down some ramen. Too many to list.

I want you to know that you are loved and that you are the light of my life that brings me joy even when I’m in the worst of moods.  My heart, my Valentina.

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