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After the After Party: Dealing with Travel Withdrawals

By September 20, 2016 No Comments
You’ve unpacked, put the passports away in their little drawer and checked that your frequent flyer miles were credited to your account.  Life is supposed to return to normal.  Get back into the routine.  Get back to work.  Get back to saving for your next adventure.  Yet, somehow you can’t.  You search the web for far off future flights.  You create itineraries in your head to destinations you may never visit.  You are dealing with full blown travel withdrawals, the after-trip hangover.  But, fret not adventure heads, here are some tips to overcome the post-trip blues.

1.  Review Your Travel Goals for the Next Year and Start Making a Plan

You know you’re a travel addict when your life goals mainly involve seeing other countries and surfing different waves.  So the absolute best way to stave off the awesome-trip-hangover is to start planning another trip.  Review your bucket list and figure out where you want to go, how soon you can go and how you will raise the funds to get there.  Then you can spend hours looking up flights and researching your next dream destination until the cows come home. Think of it as hair of the dog for travel junkies.

2. Plan a Mini-Vacation

If you can’t afford to go away in the near future or even if you can realistically start planning your next adventure but it’s just not soon enough, you should get a group of friends together and go camping or touring an area near home.  We always get the local camping bug right after we return from a big trip.  It’s neat to focus on what makes living in your region great and for us it’s uncrowded surf, 4×4 beach driving and a plethora of camp grounds within a few hundred klicks.  It’s hard to be depressed when you’re sleeping in a tent, surfing all day and drinking beers while you cook around the campfire, isn’t it?

3. Plan a Staycation

Back it up even further and if you are really, really broke after your last trip, you can find ways to adventure without sleeping away from home.  No matter where you live, there are always places to get in touch with nature or dine on the delicacies of another culture nearby.  In Sydney, we can drive 35 minutes in one direction to a local waterfall or 35 minutes in the other to a Vietnamese community with so many options for Pho it’s ridiculous.  This is a cheap option to keep yourself busy and engaged to decrease your travel withdrawals.

4. Create Something From a Prior Vacation

Personally, I like to edit pictures and create blog posts after my trip.  Of course I get a little emo when I see how much fun we had or how good the waves were, but I feel that turning this angst into a creative expression is a great way to memorialize your trip and to be grateful for the experiences you’ve had.  Try making a scrapbook or a highlight video.

5. Teleport Via Books, Music or Movies

Even though I always like to read books, watch movies or listen to music from the country I am visiting before I go, it is also a great way to learn more about a place and get its cultural vibe after a trip. You could also seek out media from one of your bucket list destinations and motivate yourself to make that money and take that trip!

6. Get Back to Work!

Speaking of getting that money, another way to ditch the post-trip blues is to focus on what funds those amazing excursions: hard work.  Set a savings goal and start chugging away.  Try not to splurge on unnecessary crap and watch your bank account grow.  You’ll be on your way to your next dream destination in no time!!!

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