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The Vida Well’s Natural First Aid Kit for Travel

By September 2, 2016 No Comments
Today’s blog post is by our favorite wellness maven, Torie Borrelli of the Vida Well.  Not only does Torie live and breathe all things related to nutrition and wellness, she spends a lot of time in planes, trains, automobiles and a boat or two.  Her schedule demands she’s prepared for any ailment traveling can sling her way because of course she wants to be able to surf when she arrives at her destination. Be sure to check out her new webpage and Nourish, Move and Wander Guides on The Vida Well.

Lets bring the traditional “First Aid” travel kit up to speed with natural items.

Colloidal Silver

Silver naturally holds oxygen molecules creating the ability to control bacteria growth.  Add this to your kit and you’re armed to combat everything from a sore throat, sinus infection, to pink eye.

Activated Charcoal 

This supplement offers relief from food poisoning, stomach bugs, gas, bloating and diarrhea. It reduces toxicity by adsorbing chemicals in the GI tract.

Tramaul/ Arnica  

Used externally, it is wonderful for removing bruises, bringing down puffiness, swelling, and easing deep aches.  Internally, it can be used to alleviate headaches and help your body recover from trauma.

Kick ass Immune (Wish Garden) 

Helps kick any cold.  It tastes gross and is totally worth it.


I LOVE ginger chews, they are a treat for the tastebuds and make for a great trick in curbing naseua.  They also soothe upset stomachs with remarkable speed.

Aloe Vera Gel 

Great for the gut healing, constipation and skin irritations/ burns


Taking probiotics will help maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria, keep your immunity up and digestive system operating healthily.

Tea Tree Oil

Smelling tea tree oil should always be diluted in water, as a few drops goes a long way.  It can be used to cleanse scratches and abrasions.


If you feel a cold coming on, this is an essential remedy to have in your medicine cabinet… ahem, travel kit.  As a homeopathic medicine, it is best used before you feel completely sick.

Vitamin C  

A potent antioxidant; use a natural form.  For example, acerola, which contains associated micronutrients.  You can take several grams every hour till you are better unless you start developing loose stool.

Magnesium Calm Powder

Magnesium serves many functions in the body and yet it is estimated that 80% of Americans are deficient in this very important mineral.  It’s a useful addition to your travel kit for aiding in a good night’s rest, proper bowel function, and relaxing the nervous system.


Elderberry syrup proved reduction in severity of flu symptoms and shortened their duration by about four days.

Umcka Syrup  

Clutch for coughs and helps relieve congestion.


If you have ever been to Australia then you know this salve made from papayas is the BEST for anything dry. The Aussies say, “everything from nappy rash, to dry skin”.  True statement.


Especially when flying, be sure to drink plenty of fresh, pure water.  Water is essential for the optimal function of every system in your body and will help loosen secretions.  Drink enough water to turn your urine a light, pale yellow.



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