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How and Why I Went Surfing During Pregnancy

By March 4, 2016 No Comments
There’s a lot of debate about surfing during pregnancy on the Internet.  Is it too dangerous?  Are you at great risk of harming the baby?  I googled and researched all the blogs there was no absolute answer.    Some people did and others chastised. But, if you know anything about me, you know that I live to surf.

SO, I went surfing.  I surfed on many different boards and in three countries while pregnant.    I was fortunate that my belly remained flat for the longest time (I thanked my lucky stars for this daily).  No one could believe I was 6 months and then 7 months pregnant.  I rode my short boards until I could feel a little ball growing in my stomach.  When I fell pregnant, I bought a big blue 6’9″, determined that despite my growing belly I would still be able to go surfing.  I didn’t have to trot it out much until the end.  When the time came, I longboarded for a few more weeks being extremely cautious to stay away from big waves, big crowds and places where I couldn’t knee paddle.

Hard to pass up when there’s no crowd!  Avoid super crowded or challenging breaks when surfing during pregnancy.

Around the 7 month mark, I had stash my boards for a while so I got out my surf fins and played around with one of my favorite pastimes: bodysurfing.  At this point, my “bodysurfing” was more like “beached whaling,” but I was just happy to be in the sea.  Eventually my wetsuit ripped down the steams that flanked my belly.  Someday, I will design a maternity wetsuit!

After my little lovely was born, I couldn’t wait to get back in the water.  Unfortunately I developed a nasty case of mastitis, which, for those who haven’t experienced the joys of breastfeeding is a blocked milk duct that becomes infected.  For three weeks, I had horrible pain in my right breast and had to take antibiotics until I could physically manipulate and force the block out.  There was talk of lancing.  Surfing and even swimming had to wait until my boobs were in agonizing pain!  Three weeks after she was born I surfed Curl Curl on a fish.  I maybe caught two waves but I was so so happy.

Always do what feels right for your body.  I live by this whether I’m pregnant or not.  If surfing during pregnancy feels right, then do it! Be smart, know your ability and the conditions before you go out.  Some days, pregnant or not, it’s ok to sit out!

Check out these tips from SeaBabes on surfing while pregnant!

Pregnancy for me was not THAT horrible, mostly because I was able to continue surfing during pregnancy!

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