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What Causes Fear in Motherhood

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In today’s post, I explore the neurological reasons we feel more fear in motherhood and what this means for our surfing. … In reality, it’s three, maybe four foot on…

Her Face Says It All... Surfing is the best, especially for moms!

How Surfing Got Amazing When I Became a Mom

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Surf Stoked Moms welcomes today’s author, Amy Schwartz.  Amy and her husband John have permanently relocated to Peru to start their dream business, Unleash Surf.  Unleash is a surf retreat…

Your Brain on Surfing

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Moms, Mums, Groms, Gurfers and Murfers today I’d like to introduce Octavia Drughi who is our guest and travel writer for BookSurfCamps.com. She is a passionate mountaineer, rock climber and adventure…

North Shore of Oahu Guide: Gone “Country”

| TRAVEL | No Comments

This is my ode to the “Country” – Oahu’s North Shore.  Big thank you to this marvelous land for sharing its aloha spirit. Hawaii’s aloha vibes attract countless visitors from…

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“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of great depths anda great fear of shallow living.”

— Anais Nin

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Surf Stoked Moms is a lifestyle blog dedicated to all the women out there that refuse to lose their wild.  Those women who will never stop surfing, traveling, creating and living the dream because of societal pressures.  Just because you’re a mom, a wife or a girl doesn’t mean you can’t shred.

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