I LOVE working with rad people committed to creating a life worth living.  If you think your brand, destination, website or product is in line with the Surf Stoked Moms lifestyle, get in touch.





From travel guides to blog posts to website copy, I take my eye for detail from working as an attorney and combine with my love of blogging to the keyboard and deliver you the fun, the serious, the totally engaging copy you need.



In my blogger life, I am always behind the lens, how else can you get great content?  I specialize in travel photography but can assist you in producing some great visuals no matter what the project.

 Digital Marketing & Social Media

These days my title in my day job is no longer “Life Pirate” but Digital Marketing Manager.  I am an expert in MailChimp, Instagram, Facebook ads and content planning.  I also project manage the production of digital assets.  If you need a helping hand in the digital realm, pick this girl!

 Website Design


This is my bread and butter.  I specialize in creating websites that are beautiful, engaging and create an unforgettable experience for the customer.  Check out my design business Surf Stoked Creative.