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 After a particularly hectic morning, made more hectic by the fact that the surf was good and I was going to work, I dumped a full cup of #bulletproofcoffee into my work bag all over all my papers and notebooks. I was already late. I dropped the child off and tried to focus on how only I can control how my day goes. It's all about perception. I must find a way to flip this particular morning up its head, for the better. It's my choice. A cup of tea, a good article and the knowledge that I'll be on island time in t-minus 4 weeks might do the trick. How do you find the bright side on a hard day?  Ergo, the coolest club around... I found this in my grandfather's drawer of treasures and still think it's the raddest thing ever.  I wonder when and where he received this as he crossed many oceans on many occasions.  Shout out to #poseidon making an appearance as well. #datelinersurfclub #travel #dontstop #adventuresareinmyblood #ergo #poseidonsposse  "You belong on a boat out at sea. Sail away, kill off the hours You belong somewhere you feel free" ~Tom Petty.  The ocean is the place I feel free. I love you #motherocean #worldoceanday #baja #infinitesea #love #freedom  BUCKETLISTING!!! Hey, have you been to the #Philippines?  We NEED YOUR HELP! What was your favorite place and thing to do?  Crossing this one off my longstanding #bucketlist at the end of the year! I can't wait to ride in one of these weird buses, see Cloud 9 and do some serious swimming adventures.  What do YOU recommend?  #bucketlist #dreamlining #lifepartnerreuniontour #philippines #adventure #wanderlust
 Need a good book? Have you read Shantaram? The #fearproject? We've got you covered from changing your life to epic travel stories! Good Reads for the Road up on the blog, link in bio! Now, quid pro quo, I need some amazing reading material for my upcoming Indo trip!!! What are you reading?  Everyone from the world's most successful people to mothers can use a personal morning ritual to improve their days.  Want to know the single most important thing (besides Bulletproof) that I do every morning? Check out the blog, link in the bio... #morningritual #wintheday #bulletproof #mamalyfe #motherhoodunplugged #redefiningmotherhood  Does anyone know where I can find one of these this weekend?  #barrels #sahpitted #longweekend #bootibooti Photo  Booti Booti National Park 2013.  Another PLACE in another TIME... But I'm still STOKED and still loving a FISH. Fast forward to today and I've been really getting great vibes out of my @joshhallsurfboards hand shaped tri-fish, it brings that #california feel no matter where I surf.  Photo: @andrewabel, Malibu 2011? #fish #surf #californialove #malibu #goodolddays #surfstokedmom #surfingmums #girlssurfnetwork #surfmom #surfergirl #stoked #surfing #surf
 My hiking buddy and I after walking and riding 6 km respectively and singing "we're going on a bear hunt" the entire time. I cannot recommend sharing adventures with your kids enough. I promise it's worth the hassle. At the very least she'll have a good story to tell at preschool, "my mom is totally crazy and carried me on her back by herself through all these bushes, WTF!" #jervisbay #visitnsw #australia #nswparks  Could you live here? These little foot-access-only shacks on the beaches of the Royal National Park look like the perfect homes to us!  Unfortunately for us, the 100+ cabins are owned by descendants of people who were forced out of the city to survive the Great Depression.  Today, these lucky families use the shacks as holiday homes.  We need to make some friends! Can we stay, please? #royalnationalpark #gariebeach #visitnsw #beachshack #australia #gopro  AVOCADO in BROWNIES?  I think my 2-year-old sous chef and I finally perfected this recipe through lots of testing and spoon licking.  These brownies are full of good fats like nut butter, avocado, and grass-fed butter! Plus all the antioxidants from the cacao and no mood altering refined sugar! Valle calls them "breakfast brownies" and has substituted her normal avocado toast for a brownie! Recipe in bio... #keto #ketofriendly #paleo #highfat #goodforyou #desserts #brownies #surfstokedeats  Best news in a long time today from @timferriss !!!! Eating AVOCADO before a big night of drinking can help alleviate HANGOVERS - OMG! Apparently, you should eat this bowl of #guacamole before drinking because avocados are full of potassium and potassium increases our vasopressin production (vasopressin tells your kidneys to keep water in your body and keep you hydrated rather than peeing 40 times at the bar, bathroom anyone?) So to avoid a killer hangover this weekend: 1. GUAC-UP, 2. Drink clear liquors with little or no sugar and, 3. Keep a bottle of activated charcoal on hand! #biohacks #nomorehangovers #avocado #anotherreasontonotgiveupavotoast #surfstokedeats
 Meanwhile in 1967... #grandmashouse #jolene #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #southcoast #danceparty  I love adventures because you might be looking for one thing and find something completely unexpected like this Hindu temple near the Royal National Park south of Sydney. Great vibes. #royalnationalpark #sydney #temple #omm  I just LOVE this little person so much! Ever since I knew I was pregnant, I've felt this ridiculous connection to her. Today she is curled up on my lap sick with a cold as I work and not even green snot can keep me from loving her!  I've got to remind myself not to forget during the difficult days of parenting, MAMAS are the luckiest!  #love  MY VISION for the FUTURE involves a massive journey through the Americas, a work life that happens anywhere and everywhere, real farm and sea fresh food, my little familia (possibly one more vagabond down the track), and finding a little home in a place where it's always summer! Creating the visualization through Reiki and meditation and then bringing it to life on this board was such a focusing, calming and fun experience that I'd highly recommend! If you're in Sydney hook up with @themamahub.co the next workshop in June! #visualize #visionboard #myfuture #manifestdestiny #positivevibes #letsgo #travel #work #balance #nomorewinter