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 Today is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of #surfstokedmoms and we just want to say thank you to everyone who has liked, followed, subscribed or bought a hat or shirt! It's your LOVE that keeps this thing alive.  Big things are coming in our second year - more collabs, more recipes, more surf tips and trips and more adventures.  Now, everyone stay WILD and keep doing the things you love! Xoxo, Audrey and #vagabondvalle  Green Island... You beaute! Hard to beat a all-girls, no kids weekend devoted entirely to surfing and a bit of red wine, especially when we got this amazing left to ourselves.  Do yourself a favor and visit the South Coast of NSW... #greenisland #dontblowitup #southcoast #visitnsw #girlstrip #thankscoach  ⚡️THRUSTER or QUAD? When you pull up on a boat you need the be confident in what your riding! Thanks to @fitzroybeachchick done the hard work to answer her #quiverquestion which was when to ride 3 fins or 4!?!? 🦈🦈🦈/🦈Read the blog post to find out! Link in bio. ✨PLEASE ask me your QUIVER QUESTIONS (any ?s you may have about your surf equipment) and if your question is selected, you get a Surf Stokes Moms hat!!!  Oh MAMA! There are so many rad mothers in this world keeping it real and showing their babies what's good that it's hard to pick just a few. But, these ladies are life's true badasses. Follow: @_oceangypsy @saltsugarsea @bushwalkingbubs @alaskanomad @the_bodhi_tree to see what it's like to be a real life Bad-Ass Adventure Mama. If you don't know go hug yo mother. Check out our post (link in bio) and donate to @adventuremamas Initiative this Mother's Day.  @_oceangypsy
 Once upon a time in Costa Rica... I spent a month living by myself and teaching surf lessons to groups of ladies from @surfdivasurfschool.  All day in the water, scoring and riding all the boards laying around the Surf Diva House like this one! What a beast! I bet the guys didn't it like it when they saw me coming down the beach with this board. #funhog #costarica #nosara  My necessities for a Girls Weekend away surfing the South Coast of NSW ⚡️Keeping warm with my @xcelwomens wetsuit, my @west.path hoodie towel after ⚡️ I swim and shoot with my @gopro and @dafinaustralia flippers! ⚡️Baby-free so I will get to finally finish @dave.asprey new book! ⚡️And #magnesiumcalm to wind down after a long day of surfing! ⚡️Now back to the water! #girlstrip  This family looks like so much fun, it's no wonder they won our #mothersday #giveaway Congrats to @nuttmegnutt and her crew of Santa Cruz, CA. Thanks to all for entering!  Well that explains it! The desire to travel is in our genome. “What is going on with that individual’s genes, hormones, and neurotransmitters to make it hit the road? We don’t know, but we do know that following this urge is one of the most resonantly primate of acts….” From chimps to humans, we say “To hell with logic and sensible behaviour, to hell with tradition and respecting your elders, to hell with this drab little town and to hell with that knot of fear in your stomach. Curiosity, excitement, adventure - the hunger for novelty is something fundamentally daft, rash, and enriching that where we share with our whole taxonomic order” Words by neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky taken in part from #thefearproject ✈️✈️✈️
 Adventure QUEEN in #lombok #indonesia ~ I've been doing a lot of research into the psychological benefits of family travel to persuade the parents out there who are afraid of the hassle or of the dangers of a trip with kids abroad. 🤷‍♀️Know this: travel creates lasting bonds, improves communication and can even create "happiness anchors" that can help you later on in life. ‍♂️And this: Children experience advanced neural growth while traveling. Change and new environments gets those neurons firing overtime creating new neural networks (translation travel = smarter kids). But it doesn't stop there: Kids who travel learn life skills like empathy, dealing with boredom, responsibility and gain perspective that everyone's lives aren't just like theirs. 🤦‍♂️Family travel seems like a no-brainer: open young minds, improve the health of your family relationships and score some pumping waves while you're at it!  Through the keyhole... Sometimes with all the hustle, lack of parking spaces and bald longboard guys in the water, you forget what an amazing place this is to live.  Yesterday reminded me -  perfect little waves and an easy bike ride to wine and a cheese plate.  What more could you want? #manly #manlybeach #australia #visitnsw #home  Remember when we tried to capture ✌ but we got ⚡️ Sometimes real life is more unbelievable than fantasy. Follow that magic... "The treasures that are hidden inside of you are hoping you will say yes." ✨ #magic #strangerthanfanfiction #ridethelightning  We think that #moms make the world go 'round and we want to thank our #surfstokedmoms for setting such amazing examples of how to live life to its fullest for your s. by giving away a Mom Beach pack with a shirt for bubba, a hat for you, the best beach bag ever, organic wax from @beeskneessurfwax and organic sunscreen from @little.urchin TO WIN Tag a friend in the comments and follow @surfstokedmoms! We'll select the winner on Mothers Day and send the package your way!
 "Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads." ~Herman Melville... Our interconnectedness is everywhere but it is easy to forget when you are ocked into your little world. Drive, work, sleep, repeat.  Don't forget that your brain is wired to practice empathy - that is to take sights, sounds, emotions and experiences and translate what's happening into a feeling that lets you feel the way someone else is feeling even if you don't feel that way yourself.  It is amazing that we sometimes ignore our connection with each other when humans show a high degree of physiological synchronization... (The classic example is when someone else yawning makes you yawn.) Take these thoughts with you as you go about your day and see if it makes a difference, I know I could use a little reminder!!! #empathy #compassion #love #connection  To be honest, I've never been one for routines. When #vagabondvalle was born I read all the books and tried to establish a nap/feed/poop schedule.  Then REAL LIFE got in the way.  She goes everywhere with us and sleeps when and where she can... Sure she's woken up in Mexico, on a boat, a plane and on the side of a tent. Maybe our lack of routine will turn her into a spontaneous, flexible, adaptive, wild woman. Maybe. #dontloseyourwild #borntobeadventureous #tinybigadventure #outdoorwomen #optoutside #outsidefamilies #wildandfreechildren #lovelifeoutside #childhoodunplugged #familytrails #celebrate_childhood #letthembelittle #surfstokedgroms #adventuremamas  On a distant Mother's Day in the future, this little creature will ask me, "why isn't there Kids' Day?" Today on Mothers' Day all I can think about is how grateful I am for my kid. Even Mothers' Day is Kids' Day when you think about the profound effect these little people have on our lives. #vagabondvalle, I love you. My sun rises and sets with you and that's all I want for Mothers' Day (but thanks for the boomerang, card, potato plant and kitty that you knit). Happy Mamas' Day, Mamas!  QUIVER QUANDARY??? Got questions about what board to ride when? How short or how thick your board should be? When to ride your fish, rounded-pin or single fin? Ask me your quiver questions and I'm going to do the hard work by talking to experts and doing research to help you find the right board for the occasion! #quiverquestions #surfboards #surfboardtips #askashaper #builtforspeed #builttoshred #surfing #surfingmums #surfmom #gurfer Bag by @west.path board by @joshhallsurfboards