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 B A L I ~ You know how they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Bali means different things for different people. I normally turn up my nose and scoff at the people who start and end their vacation in Kuta. It's a tourist wasteland full of overpriced souvenirs and oversunned holidaymakers. But due to travel arrangements we still spent the last day getting amongst those not in-the-know in Kuta. The beers were cold, the sunset amazing, the people so friendly and the Bintang singlets plentiful. Even though it's beyond passé, Kuta still has a little tiny, one day sized piece of my heart. X we're off!  “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them have never happened.” ~Mark Twain When traveling with children, there is a certain anxiety that befalls parents before they embark on an adventure with young children.  Will she or he get sick, throw a tantrum or get lost?  Will I get horrible glares from other passengers or guests? Will this all be more of a nightmare than its worth? I say know your travel fears.  Go over them in your head, prepare for them, believe they may very well happen.  Then be pleasantly surprised as when all the “negative” things you imagined don’t happen or laugh when completely different catastrophes occur at unexpected junctions. But, most importantly, don’t let the troubles that run around in your brain stop you from taking action! Take the trip or you’ll never have the chance see your traveling with kids worst case scenario unfold! Read my most recent post about the psychological benefits of taking your family on a surf trip. Link in bio.  "And so castles made of sand, Fall in the sea, eventually..." Baja 2012  M E X I C O.  When asked what she was doing this weekend during circle time at Preschool, Valle replied, "painting and going to Mezzziso." I wish Valle, I wish.  Baja is one captivating place, even if you're two. Sea of Cortez 2012.  #mexico #baja #vivamexico #thingstoddlersay
 Straight outta Kuta...  That panga life... No shoes, no complaints. Costa Rica 2012.  #wanderlustinghard #3daystil #islandtime  Say Hello to my little friend... As long as we're doing introductions, this is Queen Vagabond/Adventure Valle.  I say, Queen, because she told me many, many times that she is the Queen and I am the princess. At 2.5 years (she’ll tell you 3.5) #VagabondValle is champion swimmer, avocado eater, maker of parties and wearer of dresses with just the right twirl.  She can ask for a gummy snake in at least two languages.  Her favourite song is Jolene, the Miley Cyrus version.  She is constantly telling me “she’s older,” and to look at long her legs are. I want her to SLOW DOWN because she is so sweet and gives the best cuddles.  She is my favourite roll dawg ever.  We’ve navigated the subways of NYC, drove an RV through Alaska and eaten tortillas on the streets of Mexico. She is the reason for the adventure…  I hope she continues to grow with eyes wide open, that she becomes a global citizen with passions only she could invent.  Life with Valle has forever been just plain better.  Want to hear something crazy?  Research shows that what we eat affects our breath hold underwater.  That means your ability to handle wipeouts, 2-wave hold downs, big surf, and freediving is influenced by your diet.  You might just perform better at everything if you change your diet.  High fat, low carb diets are shown to have an overwhelmingly positive impact on cognitive function. If you can hold your breath under challenging conditions, you are better prepared to tackle both physical and mental challenges in life. That's why Olympic Athletes and Top Executives are using free diving and breath hold training to reduce stress and improve performance in critical situations. Your food, your fitness, and your performance, even in surfing, are interconnected.  More about this on the blog... Link in my bio.  So COOL!  #freediving #breathe #deep #highfatlowcarb #keto #changeyourfood #changeyourlife
 2.5 going on 18... help? #vagabondvalle #virginaustralia  Some surf sessions are etched in your mind forever, although having a picture like this - snapped from the back of a motor bike before hiding my iphone 4 or 3 (vintage) in its seat - can help the memory last longer.  We left our villa at 4 am, drove 45 minutes and paddled out in darkness to find perfect 6-8 foot reeling rights cracking the reef with only a few surfers out.  Meanwhile, on the beach, the locals milled about, sipped strong coffees and got ready to make the crossing over some of the deepest water in the world.  Hoping to make more memories like this one next week.  Sunrise, Indonesia, 2013.  #surftrip #surftravel #surfing #surfstokedmoms #indonesia #surfingmums #bali #surfmama #surfmom #adventuremama  Hello! Hola! Aloha! 🇺🇸Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is A-R-T-Y aka Audrey and I am the founder of Surf Stoked Moms.  I was born and raised in La Jolla, California. 🇦🇺 After undergraduate in New Orleans, law school in San Diego, the bar exam and working on a farm, I came to Australia, you know, just to check it out.  I feel in love with Manly and made some really amazing Australian friends (including my main PIC) and decided to stay. In 2014, I made a perfect little half-Aussie, half-American girl whose picture is on heavy rotation on this account. ‍♀️I am obsessed with surfing - all kinds of waves on all kinds of boards. ⭐️I love summer!, cooking (especially Mexican and Paleo-ish), traveling (Baja California is probably my all time favourite destination, looking forward to seeing the Phillipines, Japan, South Africa, Tasmania and Western Australia), reading, writing, taking photos, building websites and listening to music (my favourites are probably Guns n Roses, Waylon Jennings, Otis Redding, the Talking Heads and Arcade Fire). I started Surf Stoked Moms to share my adventures with my mini, to inspire other moms to pursue their passions and stay wild, and to connect with other women, moms, dads and groms who are committed to living their dreams. Thank you for hanging around! I hope you enjoy watching this space as much as I do making it!  I don't know if anyone else took off work today to make a Paleo American Flag cake in Australia.  Ex-pat health nut, Party of 1... I would definitely say that the 4th of July and Thanksgiving are the hardest holidays to spend overseas.  Luckily, we've rounded up a few Americanos and a few willing Aussies/French/Kiwis to party tonight.  BTW Just posted on the blog about why you should be eating this beautiful pile of good fat and protein rather than an angel food cake and Cool Whip! Besides all the power to your brain and improved performance, a high fat, low carb diet may even improve your surfing and confidence in challenging conditions.  Happy Birthday, America!!! #4thofjuly #merica #america #makeamericaeatfatagain #paleo #USA #surfstokedeats
 That feeling when you packed more health stuff than clothes... Minimalist vs. hoarder?  I am always recommending that people travel with no more than 7 days worth of clothing, which I have totally nailed with my @kathmandu packing cells.  But... then there's my Natural Travel Remedy Kit, which is larger and heavier than all my clothes.  My excuse is that health is more important than material possessions and I am traveling to a remote part of Indonesia with a child.  True life I'm a health hoarder.  @parakito_australia @littleurchin @bulletproof @hydroflask @bounce_aus @beeskneessurfwax  Muchas Gracias to the incredibly talented @penny_for_a_penny for lighting my fire and making my food look so beautiful today!!! We shot 7 high fat, low carb recipes engineered to make you think, feel and surf better! This poke bowl is just one of them! Stayed tuned for more #foodporn and #recipes.  #thesurferdiet #fearfitnessfood #highfatlowcarb #bulletproof #surfstokedeats #birdonawirephotography #poke #pokebowls  W I N T E R ❄️ B L U E S  Happy my little adventure buddy is back from her big trip to Melbourne! She's just a little bit of fun even when she's got a cold and is double fisting green bars while watching Zootopia... #gromlyfe #surfstokedgroms #myrideordie #gopro