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How Surfing Got Amazing When I Became a Mom

By October 4, 2018 No Comments
Her Face Says It All... Surfing is the best, especially for moms!

Surf Stoked Moms welcomes today’s author, Amy Schwartz.  Amy and her husband John have permanently relocated to Peru to start their dream business, Unleash Surf.  Unleash is a surf retreat for digital nomads.  Basically, Unleash provides everything you need to work remotely – an office where workers can tap into fast and reliable Internet, pumping surf, a supportive expat community and a place to live.  I literally just clicked the link to sign up.  So rad.  Anyway, check out Amy’s story and Unleash on their website.  Amy is spot on in this piece about all the good things that come from being a surfing mom! 

Here’s Amy:

It’s true that some things become more complicated after you have kids – like finding time to surf, eat, sleep and everything else.

Amy showing that moms have more fun

Photo: Catherine Bernier

But other things get easier when you become a surfing mom. Here’s what gets better:

There are more waves for new moms. Seriously. When I became a mom time in the water became more precious and I (finally) shed my patience for drop-ins or paddle-arounders. I now firmly hold my place in the line-up and go when it’s my turn. I don’t have time to be overly nice anymore, so I surf more waves more often.


I am a braver and more graceful surfer. After I had a child friends kept telling me my surfing looked better. I didn’t notice it at first, but eventually, I started to feel a strength and groundedness that wasn’t there before. Growing a baby, birthing it and getting through those first few weeks made me realize the depth of my physical and emotional power. This has transformed my physicality in the water.

Photo: Catherine Bernier

I have more surfing friends. Making conversation with other surfers is easier when you share the bond of being parents who are trying to find time to surf. The vibe in the water is lighter among parents too, as there’s a common understanding that life is about more than surfing. And it feels like we’re all more generous and kind than our pre-kid selves, even offering to babysit for each other so a busy mama can take a turn in the water.


I know when I’m done. The thing about becoming a mom is your own mortality suddenly feels more precious. My child needs me around so I take fewer risks. I have no problem making the decision to not paddle out when waves are too big for my abilities – and I don’t wonder (or care) if I chickened out.


Learning by watching is easier. I never imagined I could be one of “those” ladies who watches their partner surf from the beach. But if a babysitter isn’t possible and my partner and I have to take turns, some time on the beach is a given. So, in between making sandcastles or digging up rocks with the most fun human on the planet, I find some time to watch and learn from other surfers.

Random and wonderful things happen. There’s something about becoming a mom that makes you not give a shit what people think anymore. I’ll ask curmudgeonly locals to text me when the swell is good. I’ll give other mom’s info about where and when to surf – as a good surf report is gold when you’re a new mom. When I see a good surfer I’ll paddle over to her and ask for tips. I’ll appreciatively hoot at anyone in a good wave – which means I get more smiles and better vibes.

Photo: Catherine Bernier

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