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Surf Stoked Moms is a lifestyle blog dedicated to all the women out there that refuse to lose their wild.  Those women who will never stop surfing, traveling, creating and living the dream because of societal pressures.  Just because you’re a mom, a wife or a girl doesn’t mean you can’t shred.

You Do You

You’re a wonder woman who loves everything salty, sandy and free and you want to learn about healthy eating, travel and ripping it up in the water!

You are super mom who surfs or would love to surf.  Babies? You can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them.  You’re keen for adventure with or without little bubba in tow!

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Quiver Question: Thruster vs. Quad Fin Set-Ups

| SURF | No Comments

Today we’re answering @fitzroybeachchick’s burning Quiver Question… She writes, “I’m curious about quad versus thruster?  Currently riding a 5’10” quad fish (which I love!) and generally don’t surf anything more…


How to Be a Bad-Ass Adventure Mom

| LOVE | No Comments
To celebrate Mother’s Day, we want to talk about what it means to be a Bad-Ass Adventure Mom.  My family gets around but I have hardly written the book on...

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

| EAT | No Comments

Bulletproof Coffee is the LAST breakfast recipe you’ll ever need.  Of course, sometimes I treat myself one day on the weekend or on vacation with friends but for the most…


Toddler Air Travel Hacks – Hacking A Long Flight with a Toddler

| TRAVEL | No Comments

  This is one area that I have put in my hours.  Valentina and I recently completed our 5th round trip long haul flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.  At…

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“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of great depths anda great fear of shallow living.”

— Anais Nin

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